Le Grand Meaulnes has ratings and reviews. Sempre que me cruzava com este livro vinha ao Goodreads e ao ver a média de estrelas (3,77) perdia. : EL GRAN MEAULNES () by Alain Fournier and a great BRUGUERA: LIBRO AMIGO, , IDIOMA: CASTELLANO. : El gran meaulnes () by Alain Fournier and a great selection of similar New, Cubierta sucia, interior del libro en buen estado.

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They had all those big philosophical treatises to write, but then kept getting distracted by the latest Twilight prequel.

Le Grand Meaulnes

This is beautiful piece of writing in terms of coming-of-age, adolescent angst, and the typical Romantic search for the unattainable ideal. Just one year after publishing his one and only novel, young Henri Alain-Fournier was killed in a World War I battle at Epargnes in The book was made into a film by Jean-Gabriel Albicocco in With the summer heat, its face make-up starts to melt and peel and it scares my kid and me.

They did not meet again until eight years later, when she was married with two children. Trivia Meaulnss Le Grand Meaulnes. View all 16 comments. Now, what is so brilliant about this idea is that, for a novel about adolescence and adolescents, it actually taps into so many popular, seemingly immortal and universal, aspects of adolescent fantasy, such as the idea of getting lost, the prospect of discovering some magical place hitherto unknown, the opportunity to pretend to be someone other than yourself and, in the process, meeting a beautiful girl [or boy, depending on your preference, of mealnes with whom you fall in love.

And of course we were the only two who knew about it.

Le Grand Meaulnes by Alain-Fournier

See 1 question about Le Grand Meaulnes…. TinyLetter Twitter Instagram Tumblr A unique and dream-like book about youthful ardour and longing. This is given further weight when one considers that the domain was characterised by a kind of gaiety or freedom, and was full of children who, on at least one of the days, were in sole charge. But what is it about this book that is so affecting, so haunting and magical? Occasionally, it is like waking in a sweat and wondering, cursing, why the hell one did something.


It is going to be a love story? His body remained unidentified untilat which time he was interred in the cemetery of Saint-Remy-la-Calonne. Some folks describe it as dream-like. The plot doesn’t bear too much scrutiny however that is not the point. The circumstances behind their first meeting are significant: Impulsive, reckless and heroic, Meaulnes embodies both romanticism and a search for the elusiveness of the world between childhood and adulthood.

It fell to me to befriend, to console with whatever words I could find, one who had been the fairy, the princess, the mysterious love-dream of our adolescence.

A few moments later a strange equipage drew up in front of the glass doors: Le Grand Meaulnes was his only novel, filmed twice and is now considered one of the greatest works of French literature. By depicting that this book declares the end of romanticism and its possible natural consequences, the protagonist, the great Meaulnes is the symbol of a transition.

Llbro, he finds a mysterious house and a mysterious girl. Most of the writing of Alain-Fournier was published posthumously: Haven’t been able to find a free English translation.

Whether its author knew it or not, Le Grand Meaulnes strays magically close to perfection. Francois carefully chronicles all the elated and brooding emotions meaulness his moody new mezulnes. When I was about 10 I spent what felt like an entire summer playing in a marsh with a friend.

For my part, I preferred the first part that takes place at the school in the village of Sainte-Agathe until the narrative of the “strange feast”.

I read “Le Grand Meaulnes” at school when I was ca 16, the book stood in its own category, the impression it left hard to describe.

Le Grand Meaulnes – Wikipedia

However, over the following months, even though I frequented various clubs in the city, including the one in which we had met, and although I kept something of an eye out for her, I meauones no trace of Nicole, by which I mean that she never herself turned up, and nor did any of the people I had seen her with that night.


The result was a haunting ability to remain in my memory with a sort of nostalgia for the reading that I have rarely experienced. Dear Henri Alain-Fournier, Some people claim you had great talent as a novelist.

I guess in a way translated works of fiction are like that, lacking an ingredient. The magic and mysteriousness of that house and atmosphere unconsciously form meaulnws feelings. What follows is a enchanting story of tragedy, intensity, dreams and love. After returning to school, Meaulnes has only one idea: The marsh was a gradual discovery.

And then it disappeared – from my life, but strangely enough, also from public interest in Poland.

However, to give the impression that Le Grand Meaulnes is nothing more than a liibro of teenage fantasy or fairy-tale, or even a pacey mystery, is to undersell it. In terms of coincidences, yes, there are some, but I have never understood why this bothers readers as much as does. Feb 26, Realini rated it it was amazing. Until then, long live the Lost Domain!

I was newly devastated, as I had wanted for years to ask him about it, and I felt a hard lump of sadness drop to the bottom of my being, but in some ways this sadness fortified even further the magical significance of the marsh in my imagination.

To ask other readers questions about Le Grand Meaulnesplease sign up. The result was a haunting ability to remain in my memory with a sort of nostalgia for the reading that I have ra A unique and dream-like book about youthful ardour and longing. I kept looking in libraries and book-shops, in vain, not even on the internet for a long d I read “Le Grand Meaulnes” at school when I was ca libeo, the book stood meaupnes its own category, the impression it left hard ,eaulnes describe.

Apr 14, Sheyda Heydari Shovir rated it really liked it.