HP LaserJet Manual Online: Troubleshooting Checklist. If the printer is not responding properly, complete the following checklist in order. If the printer does . Printer troubleshooting and technical help for HP CA LaserJet Printer. HP LaserJet Product Family – Blinking Attention Light will not Clear .. My LJ D printer suddenly started with this problem. It made a.

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Guys I need your help. I have an hp laserjet d. And from nowhere it started giving a flushing red light on the Triangle icon on the printer. I checked and there is no paper jam, nor is there any tray open, troubleshootong the caterlage is there.

Please what should I do? It is not as simple as most printers. Turn the printer of and remove the paper tray. Lay it on it’s right side. Please sign in to comment. Looks like the memory on the formatter is bad. Reason is the middle green light is the data received light and always lights as the printer is receiving data or will stay on solid if data is in the buffer and something is preventing it from printing. Turn off the power.

Now hold down the go button big button in front and turn the power on and hold the button down until all three lights come on solid.

Release the button and the printer should then start cycling the lights until it comes to ready. At this point I would try the test page again and this time make sure the cable from the computer is NOT connected.

If you get the same reaction, then the formatter is toast and needs to be replaced. If you now get a good test page, turn off the printer, reattach the computer cable, turn back on and try again.

This took care of two of my printers. I get this sheet by holding the go button for 15 seconds and then releasing. Once I did the reset on the third and tried to print a test page using the go button I get a medium pitch humming noise, that I would describe as rubber moving against something that is not moving. All three lights come on solid at this point when I hold job cancel and go the go light turns off and the attention and ready lights stay on solid.

I did some searching around and was not able to find this light pattern on this site or on HP. If you could point me in the right direction on this issue I would appreciate it. The printer initialise ok then when you try to print test page the gears turns but it fails to pick the paper the paper pick gears are not turning. The only other possibility would be if the 2 green lights are broken or burnt out. When you turn on the printer there are 3 lights which should cycle.

If you see the green lights cycle, then your error is a memory overflow and the formatter is bad. I assume the test print you are doing is by pressing the big button on the printer for a couple of seconds. If not do it and see if a test page prints.

If the green lights do not come on, then it will be very difficult to diagnose since part of the secondary error code will most likely be one of those lights. If the green lights do not cycle, then when the solid amber light comes on, press both buttons and tell us if the amber light stays on or goes out. The 3 lights cycle when I turn the printer on so the lights appear to be good. I was doing a windows test page. The whole time it does this all three light flash in sequence. This has been discussed here many times and link below is one in which I explain a procedure which may or may not fix the issue.


Not the easiest thing to do, but does not cost anything. Looked at the scanner motor and it was frozen. Spun it a few times and it broke free.

I do not have any lightweight machine old handy, but it seams to be working. Thanks again for your detailed knowledge of this printer Stuart – Anonymous. Does the motor turn when you lift up the toner door and put it back down. If not it means there is a jam or a sensor flag in the wrong postion telling the printer there is a jam. If the motor does not turn it means you most llkely have a problem with the formatter or main board.

One thing you can try is to hold 2200dd the big button for at least 20 seconds groubleshooting you apply power to see if that will reset the printer.

Also if you have a network card installed or extra memory I would remove them. You will also want to disconnect the printer from the computer by removing the cable at the printer. If holding the big button does nothing try holding the small button on power on for at least 20 seconds and see if that helps.

One of those buttons held will cause a NVRAM reset so if you have a network card in the printer it to will be reset.

Troubleshooting Checklist – Hp LaserJet User Manual [Page 82]

Remember trouvleshooting the motor does not turn it is a sensor issue and none of the button holding will help. I have also tried your solution, but the red light next to the triangle with an exclamtion mark continues tp flash red.

I have disconnected the printer and removed the Jetdirect network card. Thanks I await to hear from you.

Troubleshooting Checklist | HP LaserJet Printer series

What should I do next. Check for papers here. Check hp pages, should be papers on it. You may need to replace the arm. I know this is an old post, and I’m not a member, but I wanted you to know your information was helpful in fixing my flashing red error light. If you are able to print when you are pressing go button, then you have to turn off manual feed. My assumption is the light is on when you turn on the printer. In other words the green ready light does not stay on but rather goes to the attention light.

If that is the case and you tried everything above, it is either the formatter or the main board. Most common is the formatter. If it goes to ready and does it when you send a print job either your pickup in the tray is not working or the sensor which detects paper in the manual tray is pushed in most common is the spring has poped out and the printer thinks there is paper in the manual feeder.

Easy to tell, just put paper on the manual feeder and see if it prints. If it does that is your problem. Indeed there is a green lever under the try when u remove the paper try.

And when I push it there was paper under. You guys are a boom. Many thanks to dmzcompute too thanks for the solution help and effort. I owe you one guys. The triangle light continually blinks. It says that the printing was paused and when I hit resume printing and error message said Operation could not be completed and that access is denied.


I have unplugged the printer from the cpu and cut to power off.

HP LaserJet 2200 Printer series Troubleshooting

My printer is putting horizontal tfoubleshooting bands’on the paper when I print. I have tried all the cleaning procedures in the user’s guide. The printer fails to pick paper the gears just rolling when command it to print then after it gives me the red light. What happens if you put a piece of paper on the manual feeder. If so, it could be the pickup roller shaft for the tray has shifted to the right and no longer locks in the pickup roller.

There is a plastic clip which sometimes loosens and the shaft hhp. Hard to repair as all the parts on the right side to include the drive train needs to be removed. It could also be the selenoid which controls h movement of the pickup roller is bad and does not release the pickup roller.

Another very common issue is the sensor flag in the manual tray has the spring come off or move and the flag is stuck towards the back of the printer and the printer thinks there is paper in the manual feeder and always troubleshoting to pickup paper from that tray and not the lower tray. I tried scanner and it worked. Thanks a million – Anonymous. The relationship is that all the h; on your formatter are probably not working to give you the fatal error for the scanner.

There are three lights and all of them should cycle when the printer is first turned on. If only the red light cyles when you turn on the printer, it means the other two are not working and the printer can not give you the fatal error code of all three lights on when the error happens.

If the scanner replacment solves the issue trohbleshooting it means there was nothing wrong with the selenoid. When I try to print a document from the web, from someone else, or with the track changes option in Microsoft Word, the triangle red light comes on does not blink, just stays on and a printing error icon comes up on my screen. I seem to be able to print documents that I created on my computer. Anyone herd of this. My hp laserjet d, has been idle for sometime now about one year.

Recently, I decided to get back to it and use for daily printing. The printer cannot pick paper the paper loaded is about half the tray capacity and there is this loud crunching noise tdoubleshooting the rollers at the rear where the paper is supposed to some out from. Any help from somebody out there? I think we need a troubleshoofing more information. When you send a print job are you 2200f to draw paper from the paper tray or manual feeder?

If from the paper tray, try putting paper on the manual feeder and tell us what happens. If you error out what do you mean.