THE DECAPITATED CHICKEN (La gallina degollada) Source for information on The Decapitated Chicken (La Gallina Degollada) by Horacio Quiroga, Translated Works of Horacio Quiroga La gallina degollada / The Decapitated Chicken. Illustration. The Decapitated Chicken. All day long the. Un cuento de terror escrito por Horacio Quiroga. Fue publicado en en Argentina. | See more ideas about Hens, Sisters and Biography.

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The emotions from the terrible night before were, without a doubt, responsible for her condition. Fallina neither solution nor solace are forthcoming, he turns against the church with renewed anger. There is also a kind of reverse symbolism. Berta, who had run upon hearing the anguished cry of Mazzini responded with a scream of her own. They lived in anguish for two years with a quiroa eye of distress over the child, always expecting another disaster. They later have a daughter who is healthy and normal, but this child is butchered by her four brothers.

Yet in their inevitable reconciliations their souls united with doubled fury and a yearning for a new child.

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He sets the scene briefly but with precise detail the ages, physical and mental condition of the children, and the state of their parents’ marriage and then steps back in time to fill out additional background, all of which is intended to prepare the reader for the eventual outcome of the tale.

He was 28 and she was 22, yet all their passionate tenderness had not succeeded in creating a single atom of an ordinary existence. Yet this second disaster sprouted new flames of a dying love, an insane longing to redeem, once and for all, the sanctity of their hoacio. The doctor attributes the illness and its effects to hereditary disease, which the reader may deduce to be syphilis.


He wrote stories which, in their jungle settings, use the supernatural and the bizarre to show the struggle of man and animal to survive.

Nature is hostile, and it almost always wins. They went on like this with each confrontation more violent than the last until a moan from Bertita sealed their lips. The doctor attributes the illness and its effects to hereditary disease, which the reader may deduce to be syphilis. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia.

By now they have shifted from “great compassion for their four sons” to overt hostility, demonstrated by the increasingly strong language used to describe the boys—”monsters,” “four poor beasts”—and the fact that they are kept in the yard.

They watched as their sister succeeded patiently in gaining her equilibrium and how on her tiptoes she was able to support herself with her neck out over the edge of the wall, her hands straining to keep her up. The brilliant day pulled the four idiots onto their bench. At ten the decided they would go into town after having lunch.

The parents have a violent argument in which the accusations are no longer veiled. The young parents love their subnormal offspring and care for them as best they can. They tried to listen, quietly, but heard nothing more. What did you say? Mazzini took her in his arms for a long while as she wept desperately, neither one dared to utter a word.

la gallina degollada and horacio quiroga

The story is not just about madness and violent death; it chronicles the breakdown of a relationship through the loss of respect, affection, and hope. Finally they learned to walk, yet they crashed against everything, not even realizing the obstacles existed.

Violently, he shoved opened the half-closed door and let out a scream of horror. They came alive only to eat or when they saw brilliant colors or heard the clap of thunder. From this, a girl was born. Berta managed to see the blood washed floor. Those are your sons, all four of them. Educate yourself on all that his idiocy will allow him, but ggallina further.


There is then a shift to the present time of the narrative, with a relentless progression towards the ghastly climax. Horacio Silvestre Quiroga Forteza 31 December — 19 February was a Uruguayan playwright, poet, and short story writer.

The servant dressed them, gave them food, laid them down, all with visible brutality. The couple feel guilty and bereft but place their hopes in a second child. Mazzini exploded as he talked. As the sun began to set the family returned home; but Berta stayed outside a moment to say hello to the neighbors who lived across the street. Modern Language Association http: Quiroga was also inspired by British writer Rudyard Kipling The Jungle Bookwhich is shown in his own Jungle Talesa delightful exercise in fantasy divided into several stories featuring animals.

After lunch everyone left. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. With this prevailing attitude, there was no possible cure for the four idiot sons. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Nature is blind but fair, and the attacks on the farmer or fisherman a swarm of angry bees, an alligator, a bloodsucking parasite, etc. Qiiroga believe his is a lost cause.

They almost quirofa bathed. Light and sunshine normally represent positive qualities, virtues, but here the sun becomes a symbol of the boys’ bestiality, and the day of the tragedy is splendid and sunny.