Meaning of epazote in the Spanish dictionary with examples of use. Synonyms for epazote and 2. epazote planta medicinal. 3. epazote nombre cientifico. 4. jerusalem tea, spanish tea, ambroisie du mexique, wurmsamen, hierba hormiguera Epazote is an annual herb that grows to about 1 m in height. South America where it is commonly used as a culinary herb as well as a medicinal plant. Las flores del epazote son verdes y flowers of the wormseed are small and green. b. Mexican tea. El epazote es una planta medicinal utilizada.

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Sanchez also uses it to make ice This chemical was first isolated in by a German pharmacist living in Brazil and it has been attributed with most of the vermifuge worm-expelling actions of the plant.

Due to the toxicity of the essential oil usually distilled from the seedsthe oil of this plant is no longer recommended for internal use. You could smell the epazote tea my mother made throughout the whole house.

EPAZOTE – Definition and synonyms of epazote in the Spanish dictionary

In Brazil the plant’s name is erva-de-santa-maria or mastruco ; in Peru its called paico. In extracts from the leaves of epazote were given to 72 children and adults with intestinal parasitic infections. It is easily spread and re-grown from the numerous seeds it produces which is why some consider it an invasive weed.

Intake of 10 mg of the oil has been known to cause cardiac disturbances, convulsions, respiratory disturbances, sleepiness, vomiting and weakness and even death. A decoction and infusion of the plant was analyzed in vitro to determine if they had toxic effects.


The flowers of the wormseed are small and green. Another study reported that the essential oil of epazote as well as its main chemical, ascaridole showed strong antitumorous actions against numerous different cancerous tumor cells including several multi-drug resistant tumor cell lines in the test tube.

Meaning of “epazote” in the Spanish dictionary

It has also been compared to citrussavoryand mint. Load a random word. It should not be used during pregnancy or while breast-feeding.

Aumentar poco a poco el resto de la leche, junto con la rama de epazote y los granos de elote reservados. Ana Luisa Anaya Lang, Main Actions in order: Some indigenous tribes bathe in a decoction of epazote to reduce fever and will also throw a couple of freshly uprooted green plants onto their fires to drive mosquitoes and flies away.

The Mfdicinal name of this plant means worm remedy spazote here in America it is referred to llanta wormseed – both referring to it long history of use against intestinal worms. In the Yucatan, indigenous Indian groups have long used epazote for intestinal parasites, asthma, excessive mucus, chorea a type of rheumatic fever that affects the brain and other nervous afflictions.

The whole plant gives off a strong and distinctive odor.

Send us your feedback. It has multi-branched, reddish stems covered with small, sharply toothed leaves.

However, in the ‘s the World Health Organization reported that a decoction of 20 g of leaves rapidly expelled parasites without any apparent side effects in humans. Spanish words that begin with epa. Sign up with meidcinal. It is used for similar conditions in Peruvian herbal medicine today. Epazote is rich in chemicals called monoterpenes. Views Read Edit View history.


Epazote | Spanish to English Translation – SpanishDict

The essential oils of D. Epazote Plant Summary Main Actions in order: The definition of epazote in the dictionary is an annual herbaceous plant of the family Quenopodiaceae, whose stem, asurcado and very branchy, rises up to one meter in height. Plant Chemicals Epazote is rich in chemicals called monoterpenes. The close affinity of Dysphania to kedicinal species of Chenopodium sensu lato is now evident.

Biological Activities and Clinical Research A decoction and infusion of the plant was analyzed in vitro to determine if they had toxic effects. Ina U.

Los mexicanos aprecian la hierba epazote o la hoja wormseed para disipar el gas asociado con el consumo de frijoles. The plant’s ability to expel intestinal worms has been attributed to the essential oil of the seed and ‘Oil of Chenopodium’ has been used for several centuries worldwide as a worm remedy.

Application of the oil topically was reported to effectively treat ringworm within days in a clinical study with guinea pigs.