Astrologia natala alexandru nicolici. Timofte Gabriela. alexandru- nicolici-astrologia-karmica. Brindusa Ohreac. Trecerea vrajitorilor. Astrologia natala alexandru nicolici Astrologia natala alexandru n by timoftegab 5 years ago; Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov – Credinta care muta muntii (A5) . Alexandru Nicolici – “Astrologia karmica” Alexandru Nicolici – “Astrologia natala” Corpus Elendiaricum “Astrologia Elfilor Obscuri Constantinescu Armand G.

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Email This Page to Someone! I wrote that info from a book in romanian. Write your Lilith’s position niccolici aspects and I’ll translate and post it here. Green Fairy, in this book the author doesn’t mention which Lilith, but I think it’s Dark Moon Lilith the one in the additional objects in astro.

This author provided some ephemerides for Lilith in another book and it’s the same I calculated in the additional objects from astro. I can translate some of it, but I’d alexqndru not promise anything I’m going back to college soon so I hope you will have time to ansew this thank you in advance. Would love to know the nmae of the book even if it is in Romainian. I have a Romaninan friend who could alexandrj me out.

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You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience. It nicolivi indicative of a secret sensuality, a double life, adultery and an unconscious erotism. You might feel devitalized because of the unincarnated beings that take advantaje of your psychic powers.

You have the tendency to sacrifice yourself in vain in love matters and to suffer a painful destiny because you lack a strong will. You have a tendency to be dominating and agressive or suffer from these actions probably the second, because it’s in Pisces.

Your erotic life is under the influence of your parents’ teachings. If the role model you had when growing up is a negative one, you might destroy your love life I have a feeling that is not the case and hope I’m right.

You have an unconscious tendency for isolation and self-destruction, depression, crisis and frustration. You might have joint and digestive conditions. You have a wrong sense of timing alexndru you may react in an exagerated way to emotions. You could be impulsive, fickle and react agressively at times.

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This aspect generates a tendency to lie, dissimulate and cheat. You may lack guilt feelings and have sadistic, distructive and self-destructive urges. I have this also The author emphasized the idea that these tendencies are mostly unconscious, but if you become aware of them, they can be overcomed.

The author only took into consideration the hard aspects conjunction, square and oppositionhe said soft aspects have a minor influence. I’m posting this info in this post because I don’t want to lose it all it happened before, so I’ll write the rest in another one.


My Lilith is 8 degrees Pisces, 4th house. Conjunct Vesta, Mars and Pholus. Trine moon and Saturn Square Neptune Semisextile?

Unusual tastes in love matters. Your erotic instinct could be excessive and you might be selfish in your relationships by neglecting your partner’s astologia. This can lead to health problems sexual disfunctionalities, impotence, frigidity and misunderstandings in your family life.

Jul posted January 07, I’ve been reading your posts about Lillith and I’m a little baffled by my placement. I have Lillith at 11 Leo in the 11th house.

It makes no strong aspects to any planet, it’s distantly conjunct my Jupiter at 3 Leo Are these considered hard aspects to these planets? The interpretations do somewhat ring true, but I don’t feel they play a major role in my life, the interpretations sound too harsh, but maybe I just don’t wanna hear them?

I agree with the fact that these interpretations sound harsh. I have Mars, Saturn nicoljci Pluto in hard aspect with Lilith.

I share some of the characteristics, but not the kinky ones. On the other hand, the author mentioned that these tendencies are unconscious. Once you become aware of them, you can master them. This doesn’t make you a bad person. Best of luck to you!!! Anyhow, I fixed it! The Lillith interp for the 11th house could explain a lot. I am very liberal in those matters, I don’t judge. As long as all involved are consenting adults, I don’t care what you are doing and I’m not likely to be shocked either!

But I’m very wary of getting involved in anything I consider “kinky” which is relative I don’t want to go thereif you know what I mean! The rest, being depressed etc I’m at a point in life where I feel that I’ve conquered most of my demons, so Best of luck to you too. I know exactly how you feel. My Lilith is in Aquarius, which is similar to the 11th house placement.

I don’t judge, either, and there are very few things that can shock me in that matter. I know what you mean on that kinkiness as well! I don’t want to go there” I have Saturn in a hard aspect to Lilith too. I’m prone too feeling sorry for myself at times, but I usually am optimistic. I still have some inner demons to fight, though The joint and digestive conditions are, however, true Happy to you too! If there is anything I can help you with, don’t hesitate to ask! Which now LOL I find myself struggling with balancing my issues of wanting to isolate this is unconscious and floors me because I am so social and destroy me cause I feel unloveable but longing to be in a healthy love life.


I seriously thought I was Nuts!! That is a good book now I am on a quest to find it. Thank you so much. Would you mind telling me about Lilith in Gemini in the 7th house?

Thank you in advance.

You are most welcome! The book is called “Karmic astrology” “Astrologia karmica” in romanian and it’s written by Alexandru Nicolici. Here goes the translation: It is indicative of a late or even repressed sexuality. Your upbringing might make you censor your sexuality and you might be unable to love and nicoolici your feelings.

You probably face a painflu conflict between instinct, desire and the rigid principles that have been passed on to you. You tend to repress your feelings and that can alexzndru to solitude.

There is also a posibility for fear of sexuality and a sentimental blocking. The sense of duty is emphasized and you will always be attentive and careful to provide for your family, but you’re unable to show your love to them. You have a strong nicolidi, but often solitary.

Sexuality is very important and you tend to appreciate all your relationships on this ground. Frequent crisis generated by deceptions and aastrologia sexuality. You might have strong subtle perceptions because you have a very sensitive body. You might reject your father and anything that has something to do with him.

You can be imature and unable to face emotional and sentimental difficulties. You lack spontaneity and you tend to plan your sexual relationships. You probably have asrtologia bad relationship with your asfrologia. You might be tempted to cheat on your friends and steal their girlfriends and you are strongly attracted to misterious, fatal and seductive women. You enjoy luxury and have a tendency for perversion, but these can ruin you. Again, take this with a grain of salt.

It is pretty exagerated in my opinion. I hope nivolici helps somehow. I’m interested in mine. You have a tendency to be dominating and agressive or suffer from these actions probably the second, because it’s in a feminine sign.

If the role model you had when growing up is a negative one, you might destroy your love life. Hostility towards men and a tendency to hurt them. The unconscious rejection of your manhood, impotence and sexual blockage.